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What We Look For:

Gregory Laka & Company is interested in top-notch talent for our clients.

Since we have over 7000 high-profile clients who demand high-quality professionals, we have plenty of opportunities for the right people.

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We act as a career "advisor" to the professionals that we work with. We can advise professionals on changes and trends in the marketplace, salary and compensation ranges, and more. We can be your career "counselor". We take a vested interest in your career growth and can provide direction and advice based on changes and direction within the industry and market demand.

Through our retainer, contingency, or contract divisions, we help individuals grow further in their careers.  We offer staffing positions as well as contract and consulting opportunities. We have a historically large client base throughout the Chicagoland area, the United States, and abroad.  We work in virtually all industries including
  • Human Resources

  • Information technology

  • Non-profit

  • Financial/Accounting

  • Insurance

  • Academic

  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain

  • Distribution, logistics, and transportation

  • Medical/pharmaceutical/healthcare

  • Telecommunications/Mobile

  • Advertising/Digital Media

  • Marketing/Social Media

  • Consulting/Professional Services

  • Legal

  • Management consulting

  • Software and hardware development and integration

  • ...and more.

The service provided by Gregory Laka & Company is free to the professional. All fees are paid by our clients. We are able to focus on your needs and desires at no expense to you, and with no strings attached.

Complete confidentiality is ensured and guaranteed.  We will only present your credentials to our clients with your authorization. Your credentials and experience will only be presented to our client organizations with your expressed consent. Your personal and professional data will always remain confidential. You will never be placed in risk.

We will effectively screen out opportunities and only alert you to opportunities that meet your pre-selected and determined criteria. We will respond to you like a trusted and proved adviser or career mentor. We will be able to alert you to a "hot tip" when it comes to us.

Our clients primarily use us on a retainer or exclusive basis, which means that their openings are non-advertised, and are only filled with our assistance. We can advise you of opportunities that you would normally not have access to.


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