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Client Services

Our People:

Our staff has learned by helping others.  We will fulfill our individual goals.  Making the client happy and having integrity in all aspects of our lives will keep us effective and in balance.


Benefits to Your Organization
1: We have an excellent performance record: Our clients enjoy adding a person to their staff while investing on average only 7 total man-hours and they interview on average only 3 people. This process and methodology allows you to focus your time on talking to very well screened and qualified candidates. Your time will not be wasted and your need will not go unfilled the length of time that it currently does.

2: We are not "resume facilitators". Our recruiters invest time to build and maintain relationships and keep their networks current by attending seminars, industry events, and social business gatherings, and association meetings.

3: We provide access to candidates that your organization does not have access to.  We have invested over a million dollars in building and maintaining one of the largest candidate databases in the industry.

4: We do not employ recruiters that have worked for other search firms. All of our employees have been trained to live our core values. Our in house check and balance system is tedious, but provides excellent results. You are too important to us to have recruiters on board that have learned the business and the process "the wrong way".

5: We are family owned and run. We focus on delivering the best because we want you to come back. Although we have an extensive client base we look at each client as if they are the only entity that matters. We view each partnership event as if it is our only assignment and each initiative we assist with to be a continued opportunity to re-earn the respect and privilege of serving.

6: We have a large team of resources that work together on an assignment. We have the capacity to put in over 100 man-hours in the initial days of an assignment! We can make an immediate impact and show good, solid quality results. You won't be waiting and wondering what is going on.

7: We are capable of handling national and international assignment work. Although our offices are based on the Chicago metropolitan area, we have established client relationships throughout the United States and also perform International assignments. When needed in the past, we have maintained a "local" presence for the duration and need of the client.

8: We offer several different "human capital" solutions. We can provide quality candidates on a permanent basis, a temporary to permanent basis, a contract basis, and on a consulting basis (w2 or 1099). Our clients enjoy knowing that by picking up the phone and dialing one phone number, they can find solutions for a multitude of staffing challenges.

9: We have a retainer and contingency division.  We can work on either basis. Each company is different and each assignment is different. We offer flexibility in the decision making process.

10: You will have access to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Part of being family owned is our concern for your welfare. You have access to our staff at home, at work, and in between.

11: We stay with you long after the assignment is completed, to ensure a long and issue free transition. We provide good, critical, useful data to you from the candidate's perspective so that proactive, healthy, planned, and strategic decisions
are made. This occurs for the life of the candidate should the employer find this useful. Many times we are able to consult with a company so that they can reduce and eliminate future turnover.

12: We are skilled in diversity recruiting and hiring. We have helped many firms over the years enhance their human architecture in several ways. Diversity hiring is a complex practice and often a difficult area for a firm to focus on. We have developed a "best practice and methodology" that takes the worry and frustration out of creating change within an environment.

13: We are also able to provide on site staffing talent for our clients that have the need for 'face to face' resources. These professionals have solid, grounded, and real world experience-most for over 15 years. We provide very experienced and very capable staff to augment your needs. The days of your organization paying for staffing augmentation and training them at the same time are over!

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