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Client Services

Our People:
Our staff undergoes regular continuing education to keep them abreast of the latest developments in their respective field; this enables us to provide companies and individuals with a superior level of executive search service by matching the needs of each as closely as possible."

What we know now...

Over recent years many studies have been done, indicating the demand for talent will reach epidemic levels.  As a result of the "Baby Boomers" retiring and the birth rate declining, over the next several years there will be 152 million jobs in the United States and only 142 million available workers.  We are already seeing these predictions today.  Due to the changing nature of the job market, professionals are becoming more heavily recruited by businesses using nontraditional means.

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What we do about it...

Gregory Laka & Company has the ability and resources to assist your company in navigating today's changing, nontraditional candidate search process.

With over 50 years experience in the executive search industry, Gregory Laka & Company is proud to say that we offer our clients access to one of the largest reserves of  talent available.  Due to our extensive network, we have a comprehensive pool of professionals that will surely meet the staffing needs of your business.

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