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Our People:

Our staff lives the Laka core values of helping clients secure the best talent and helping individuals grow further in their careers.

...What we know now

Today, corporate America is not ready to effectively deal with the demand for human capital.  Less than 20% of corporations have true, effective, and competitive in house search capability.  Most corporations use staffing services or search firms that do not add the real value and benefit they were engaged to offer.  They hire body-shop franchises, or search firms who have teams with little to no effective experience, because they are unaware of their alternatives.  Some are evaluating outsourcing their HR recruitment efforts to Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO) organizations little aware of how much they will lose, or give up in this kind of "cattle" approach to hiring.  Many of our best clients are organizations who suffered through a history of using "body shop" franchises, or worse yet, the RPO entities.  We know how to heal them and help them receive what they were needing all along: Quality, value, results, and a true relationship that can assist them far beyond just hiring. 

What the experts are saying

The predictions made by experts in the field, all agree, the demand for talent is greater than ever.  With the "Baby Boomers" retiring and the birth rate being down, we are in an epidemic crisis.  Organizations that desire to recruit, develop, and retain highly qualified staff are finding that previously "traditional" mechanisms of seeking these candidates-- internet, newspaper advertisements, and referral programs, for example--are no longer satisfactory tools in the candidate search process.  Due to the changing nature of the job market, professionals are becoming more heavily recruited by search firms having long standing relationships, networks, and extensive internal resource database pools.

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