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Client Services

Our People:

Our staff enjoys some form of monthly training to help them maintain balance in their career and personal life.

Practice Focus
  • Accounting, Audit, and Finance.

  • Advertising and Digital Media.

  • Board of Director.

  • Business, Executive, and "C" level leadership..

  • Call Center, Customer Experience, and Customer Service.

  • Communications.

  • Computer, Technology, and Product Development. 

  • Consumer Packaged Goods.

  • Healthcare and Health/Hospital/Medical/Pharma. 

  • Human Capital, Human Resources, and Talent Acquisition.

  • Information Services and Information Technology.

  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain.

  • Marketing, Digital Media, Mobile Media, Internet/Web.

  • Procurement and Vendor Management.

  • Telecommunications and Mobile.

  • Transportation, Logistics, and Manufacturing. 

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